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Lead Qualification

Sunny Lenarduzzi uses a smart video questionnaire to process applications for her training program while making the experience feel like a 1-on-1 call.

She uses conditional logic to qualify applicants and offers those who are eligible, the possibility to schedule a call by integrating her calendar.

Lead Generation

Arval (PNB Paribas Group) are using VideoAsk to show people the new electric cars they have on offer to lease.

By using interactive video they can teach visitors about their core value proposition and convince them to share their contact details.

Video Content

Alex Antolino receives video questions on the branding hotline he hosts right on his Instagram profile. He replies directly on his phone using the VideoAsk app.

By downloading the video responses, he can easily create engaging content pieces that he shares on Instagram.


The folks at UserFeed.io use VideoAsk to request video testimonials from customers (and instruct them on how to make their video look good).

The team can then easily share the video responses internally, on social, or add them to a case study.


Sarah from The Voice Science gets video submissions from her students with work assignments to evaluate their performance and track their progress

All assignment submissions are perfectly organized in her VideoAsk inbox, and she can reply directly from there via video.

Contact Form

Outstandly created an engaging contact form embedded on their site, with a well-shot video that sparks emotion on first interaction.

By uploading a pre-recorded video, they could give a cinematic experience to users landing on their website wanting to get in touch.

Video FAQ

BreeDesigns embedded a video FAQ on her homepage, enabling her audience to get all their questions answered personally & build meaningful relationships.

She uses conditional logic to serve her potential customers the answers to their specific questions. When people can't find the answer they are looking for, they can submit video questions directly to her.

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